Our 4th virtual “Exercise for Change” is taking place from 1 November, 2017 to 28 February, 2018.

This annual fundraiser calls attention to our projects serving the community and raises funds to support those projects.

Exercise participants will be “virtually” exercising from San Juan Cosala, Jalisco to Mexico City D.F.,Mexico (556 kilometers OR 345.4 miles). What a great way to burn those extra calories during the holidays AND be ready for showing more skin in the Spring!

Exercise Participants are participating to raise funds support one of these areas of our work: General,  Alliance for Humane Education Anti Violence Program, Restaurant Apprentice Program, Textile Apprentice Program or the Food Program. Exercise Participants are asking friends, family and other individuals to sponsor them.

You can visit our “Donate To Our Programs” page, here on our website for information on how to contribute. “Click to access” or go directly to PayPal.

The route to Mexico City.

Our volunteers work hard to provide the “hands on” work for the program.  If you cannot help with your physical presence you can provide the much needed financial help to be part of the programs. Each project has its own budget to insure appropriate use.


Please complete the form below. Once submitted Mac, our president, will contact you personally.

Once you sign up then go to this page to select a “map icon” from this page.  Click to access.
Once you select an icon notify Mac and he will put it in place on the interactive map.

MARIPOSA BROCHURE-Click to learn more about our organization.


Mac is using an elliptical trainer.   Funds raised will go to Program Administration.   Map icon is “Bear”.

Jan is on the treadmill with her icon being the “Tiger”.  Funds raised go to the General Fund.

Jane is on the bike with her icon being the “Dolphin”.  Funds raised go the General Fund.

Catherine is walking with her icon being the “Bee”.  Funds are to be divided among the programs.

Below is an interactive map showing the progress of the participants. To use the map:

1. Left click mouse and hold, a “hand” appears, you can then move the map.
2. Lower left hand corner, click on the + sign, the map zooms in, shows more detail, click on the – sign the map zooms out, shows a larger area.

“Donate to support the exerciser who is participating for your choice of program.


This year we are encouraging all of those who are participating in the fundraising Virtual “Exercise for Change”, as well as supporters, to post weekly comments, on the blog page.

Please note to avoid “spammers” are posts are held until approved, which generally happens each day. Your name and email are not distributed to any 3rd parties, nor made public.

Once your first post is approved, thereafter your posts appear in real time.

28 Responses to “EXERCISE FOR CHANGE 2017-2018

  • 365.98 as of today, 190 to go

  • As of this post 301.48 KM….

  • JANE uzzell
    4 months ago

    NO distance this last week-knee problems!

  • JANE uzzell
    4 months ago

    25 K-KNEE still sore but back on track!

  • As of this post; 258.84 km

  • JANE uzzell
    5 months ago

    Slow week-25k. knee is better! 115 total.

  • JANE uzzell
    5 months ago

    Slow week-25k. knee is better!

  • Only 2.3 km this week. But made it to México City!

  • JANE uzzell
    5 months ago

    10 k-hurt my knee in fall-hoping will be better this week!

  • This weeks total 34 km/overall 169.25.

  • JANE uzzell
    6 months ago

    22k-was on vacation at beach!

  • 34.2 km this past week/overall total 135.24. Will update the map Tuesday

  • 4.9 km this week.

  • 27.57 km for week/101.05 overall

  • JANE uzzell
    6 months ago

    35 K The dolphin is on the move

  • 4 km

  • 28.21 for last week/73.48 overall total

  • My bad. Nothing this week. Too busy.

  • JANE uzzell
    6 months ago

    23 k-this week-did not see last week entry. J

  • 4.6 km this week. It sounds so much more in km. Love it!

  • Week 2 24.5, overall total is 45.27

  • Catherine Luria
    7 months ago

    you said to post in km so total for last week = 7.886 km for last week

  • A whopping 2 kms last week. Hurt my leg, so this week hopefully will be better.

  • Week 1 in the books…20.77 km

  • Catherine Luria
    7 months ago

    just signed up today.
    1.66 miles today

  • You are both ready to go with map icons….they’ll appear once everyone has posted their first kms.

  • Good morning, Mac. I’ve selected the tiger as my icon – at least I hope it worked

  • Jane Uzzell
    7 months ago


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