Our Objectives

  • Provide options for how youth can make sustainable changes
  • Provide opportunities for change


Mariposa Project believes partnering with nonprofits, businesses and individuals in a community will provide the most successful outcomes for a program.  We try, whenever possible, to utilize the premise of Washington, D.C. Children’s Trust definition of a System of Care:

“A system of care incorporates a broad array of services and supports that is organized into a coordinated network, integrating care planning and management across multiple levels, is culturally and linguistically competent, and builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth at service delivery, management, and policy levels.”

In order to collaborate in providing the above we work hard to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with as many partners as is necessary to maintain and sustain programs in which we participate.  We strive to honor and value those groups and individuals who provide the backbone of our organization; volunteers.

We know that to work with other agencies, groups and individuals we must expect the “forming, storming and norming” of the group process.  When we strive to find ways to do so with respect and repair relationships that might have suffered when we have opposite opinions.  Our expectation of ourselves is that we will work as hard as our partners and expect that they will provide what they commit.  We expect all will treat each other with respect.  We expect that all our partners will show tolerance to others, avoid discrimination against others and work in a fashion that allows all to learn and grow. We commit to this because the service we provide is larger than one or two individual’s opinions and because we will always put “what is in the best interest of the child” first.

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